Aug 30, 2006

コトノコ 1.0b32

コトノコ1.0b32を公開します. 変更点は, 日中辞書に使用されているEBXA-Cフォーマットへの対応です.ただ, EBXA-Cフォーマットの辞書を持っていないので, 正しく動くかは確認していません.動作報告等お願い致します

kotonoko-1_0-beta-32.tar.gz (source のみ)
kotonoko-1_0-beta-32.dmg.gz (universal binary)


  • EBXA-Cフォーマットへの対応
  • libeb 4.2.2への変更

This version supports EBXA-C format (one of EPWING) which some Chinise dictionaries use. But I have not EBXA-C CD-ROM. If you have EBXA-C dictionary, please check and comment whether this version could show Chinese.


  1. Dear sir:I use epwing file of "小学館日中中日辞書” to test and the result is showed as below. This version could show Simplied Chinese, but I think the chinese roman spelling code could not show properly. Because I don't have any Trdition Chinese dictionary file that saved as epwing format, I can not tell you wether it could show Tradition Chinese properly or not. It's for your reference. Thanks you by heart.------------------------------あたりまえ?1?とうぜん?当然d?ngr?n→?→?,自然z?r?n→?→?,??y?ngg?i→?→?.¶借りたものを返すのは~だ/借的?西??hu?ng?i人家是??的.¶それは~だ,言うまでもないだろう/那是自然的,?用??! 『比較』“当然"は「当然」「もちろんだ」の意味.“自然"は疑う余地がないとき,または日本語と同じ「自然」の意に用いる.“??"は「…しなければならない」「…のはずだ」の意味で用いる.2?ふつう?普通p?t?ng→?→?;正常zh?ngch?ng.¶~の手段ではだめだ/使用正常手段是不行的.¶あれは~の人間じゃない/他不是个正常的人.

  2. Thanks for your report.EPWING format use bitmap images for the display of spelling code. Kotonoko need translation table which shows by “Show Gaiji Map” in “Dictionary” menu. You can edit it at a burst on “Gaiji Map” or one after another by command+shift+G.But, I notice Kotonoko’s English resource have some problem of edit functions…. If you uses English resource, please wait next version.

  3. I had to shift from Jamming to kotonoko because of erratic input behavior in Jamming. Very happy with kotonoko. I loaded all my dictionaries and they were all recognized, except for the Eijiro family that I have converted with Jamiing dictionary tools. Did I do something wrong somewhere ?

  4. Kotonoko supports EPWING, and Eijiro is not EPWING dictionary.If you want to use Eijiro on Kotonoko, convert Eijiro to EPWING format by some tools.And sorry I don't know Mac OS X has a useful tool.